3D Print-On-Demand Electronics, Sensors, and Antennas

KUPROS revolutionizes the 3D printed antenna and electronic market with an all-metal copper filament that offers a more cost-effective, versatile, and efficient printing process than any other existing solution.

Benefits of using Cu-29 for AME:

  • Highly conductive trace (156 nano-Ohm.meters)

  • Prints from standard FFF printers

  • No post-processing – 20% less waste

  • Capable of High Power applications

  • Cost Effective & High Yield

  • 0.5kg spool provides approximately 800m of conductive trace

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Our Technology

Kupros, Inc’s all-metal copper filament Cu-29 is made without any polymer additives through an innovative, cost-effective process. The unique formula for Cu-29's all metal, high conductivity FFF filament eliminates the need for time and material-intensive post-processing. It prevents separation from underlying material, and prints circuits unparalleled in conductivity when using the most common 3D printer available on the market.

3D printed circuits with similar conductivity currently require expensive, specific use case printers that inhibit an operator's ability to make rapid prototypes in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Future iterations of the formula will be specific to the aerospace and medical device industries for even further applications.

Our Products

Kupros is an "Innovation First" Company. We are committed to rapid and ongoing research and development. See below for our planned product range.


Our Cu-29 filament is more than 80X more conductive, and significantly more cost-effective than its closest competitor. The resistivity is currently tested at 0.0000743 ohm/cm vs 0.006 ohm/cm. It is compatible with the most common Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF/FDM) 3D Printers.

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Aerospace Variant

(Planned Release Date 2024 Q2)

At high altitudes and in space applications, electronic circuits are subject to increased failure rates due the the higher intensity of electromagnetic radiation. The Kupros Aerospace Variant has been formulated to improve the reliability and longevity of printed embedded circuits. NASA has already expressed an interest in large-scale procurement of this variant.

High Conductive Variant

(Planned Release Date 2024 Q3)

The next generation of the Kupros family of conductive filaments Cu-29HC will be at least 20% more conductive than the base Cu-29 product, while still being printable using consumer quality FFF/FDM printers.

Radiation Hardened Variant

(Planned Release Date 2024 Q3)

In certain military and industrial applications, using embedded electronic circuits in situations experiencing high levels of ionizing radiation is inevitable. The high levels of radiation degrade the performance of electronic circuits. The Radiation Hardened filament is designed to ameliorate this problem in embedded printed circuits.

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